FlashRestore and vPower: Lower that RTO

20 09 2010


VEEAM and Vizioncore (vRanger) both have a feature in their newest backup products that lets you “instantly” restore a vm, so users can get back to work on the machine right away.  Both technologies spin up a vm from the backup right on your backup media.  You dont have to wait for anything to be copied back across the network.  Sweet! 




Vizioncore vRanger 4.0 DPP Preview

18 05 2009

Crank up those speakers! Vizioncore is here to let you know that vRanger 4.0 is going to rock the entire earth!


It looks much better than the previous version, but Veeam has really been getting traction lately with 50% off specials and ESXi support. Oh, and as a side note, I dont really need rock music blasting through my speakers before every preview, only to have the presenter’s voice be as quiet as a mouse.

P.S. Nothing says a rockin product launch like a crossword puzzle contest.