Vizioncore vRanger 4.0 DPP Preview

18 05 2009

Crank up those speakers! Vizioncore is here to let you know that vRanger 4.0 is going to rock the entire earth!

It looks much better than the previous version, but Veeam has really been getting traction lately with 50% off specials and ESXi support. Oh, and as a side note, I dont really need rock music blasting through my speakers before every preview, only to have the presenter’s voice be as quiet as a mouse.

P.S. Nothing says a rockin product launch like a crossword puzzle contest.




One response

19 05 2009

Thanks for the fair and balanced post as well. One thing people don’t realize is the new Vizioncore 4.0 release is really where Veeam was at with their 2.0 release. Even though it is called an “Evolutional” release, Vizioncore still isn’t catching up with Veeam. I would say that natural selection shows Veeam winning out.

I can’t believe Vizioncore is so behind the time. Our company took complete advantage of Veeam’s replacement program and we aren’t looking back. We asked Vizioncore about how the new 4.0 release would be comparable to Veeam and we were given a bunch of false statements, that we easily proved weren’t true.


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