Cisco Nexus 1000V Pricing

8 05 2009

I was pretty pumped about this new offering from Cisco for vSphere. A Cisco virtual switch that plugs right into vCenter….cool! You can do all the standard cisco cli commands on each port, just like the rest of your physical cisco switches. After seeing this pricing, I dont know…..695 bucks per socket….plus the upgrade to vSphere Enterprise Plus. That starts to add up!


Angelbeat! Vmware, Cisco, Microsoft, all the players…

7 02 2008

Heading out tomorrow morning for Angelbeat.  It’s a conference with workshops all day covering all aspects of technology.  Some really big players are going to be there, so it should be interesting to see all the latest and greatest stuff they have to offer.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a play by play with observations!