vSphere upgrade and Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES)

1 06 2009

If you are running a Blackberry Enterprise Server in a vm, before you do the hardware upgrade, set the blackberry MDS services to a manual start in services. Since you are refreshing the nic hardware, the upgrade will really make your server take FOREVER to boot if MDS is set to automatic. Set it to manual, at least until you are done with all the upgrades for vSphere.


Notes from the vSphere upgrade

1 06 2009

Here are a few tips from my experience with doing an in-place upgrade to vSphere….

1. If you are running vCenter and Update Manager in vms, make sure to move those vms off the host MANUALLY before trying to upgrade the host to vSphere.

2. When upgrading tools and hardware, and you have vCenter and update manager in vms, upgrade vCenter and Update Manager FIRST. This will make update manager and vcenter ready to use baselines and remediation to upgrade tools and hardware on other guests.

3. Use the vi client and login to the actual host that is running the vCenter and update manager vms, when upgrading tools and hardware on vCenter and update manager. Once they are upgraded, you can then log back in to your vCenter server like normal to do the other upgrades.

4. It may take an extra reboot of your vCenter of Update Manager vms for them to reliably see eachother after a tools/hardware upgrade.