Cloud Antivirus

1 05 2009

I love how LITTLE information there is on this….I understand the concept, all scanning is done “in the cloud”, you dont have to update your av, the program is very light-weight. All sounds good right? But am I actually sending that 20mb powerpoint I just opened out to Panda to scan? At my upload speed? I dont get it…..

Confused? So was I. This blog post tries to describe how they are doing it….interesting.


VMWare vSphere explained

22 04 2009

One of my favorite blog/review sites, anandtech, has an excellent article explaining this new “Cloud-OS” that vmware is pushing out the door.

When I first think of cloud-computing, I immediately think of an external service out of my control. VMWare takes the approach that all of your internal resources are a “cloud” or pool from which all your virtual machines can grab resources as needed. Well that doesn’t sound all that new, kinda sounds like the definition of virtualization. What is new, is that with vSphere you are able to leverage SLA’s to ensure the best performance for your applications. You can define a set of metrics that must be met, such as a sql query must be delivered in say…..10 seconds or less. If your internal “cloud” of resources is unable to fulfill the request, it relies on a third party external “cloud” of resources to fulfill the request. So no matter what, things get delivered in a timely manner. Interesting stuff.