eG Innovations VMware Monitoriing Quick Take

21 04 2009

Just stumbled across a company called eG Innovations. They have a vmware monitoring solution that uses a patent-pending “In-N-Out” monitoring technology. This allows them to get performance metrics not just at a host level, but down into the guest as well. Most of the current tools look mostly at the surface host level, but not necessarily at the guest. Getting into the guest can help the monitoring solution decipher what is causing the performance issue, even down to the individual process on the guest. These folks got a best of VMWorld 2008 award, and it looks like they have a good thing going. Check it out…


Nagios and Groundwork Opensource

15 04 2009

I am looking at some network monitoring and alerting tools. We are currently using sitescope, but would like to see something that is easy to setup and free…..does it exist?

I have been looking at some vmware virtual appliances that are supposedly all setup, but am having a heck of a time actually finding a working link to download the things! In addition, looking through the documentation, these are less than easy to get up and running. Ugh.