Proactive Tip of the Day: Disk Space

17 09 2010

Running out of disk space, especially on your boot drive can really create some problems.  If your organization is not actively monitoring space usage on drives, they should be.  Here is a quick way to run a query using the VMWare Community Powerpack and PowerGUI to be the hero and warn server admins about low space on your vms.

Grab PowerGUI here…

And grab the powerpack here…

To install the powerpack, go up to file and Powerpack management in PowerGUI.


Now keep an eye out for a query called VM Guest Disk Sizes under the Virtual Machines folder of the community PowerPack.


Click on that query to let it run, and once finished, select the Disk0FreeSpace column to sort by the lowest number first.  Scroll on down to where you start getting numbers.  These numbers are free space on the C: drive in MB.  Personally, I think anything below 1GB is a red flag.  Alert the proper admins to clean up the drives and be the hero!

If you really want to go the extra mile, point the admin to a tool called Spacemonger.  This is a tool that hasn’t been updated in awhile, but still offers a great graphical view of the entire hard drive.  The larger the block, the larger the folder or file.  Grab it here…  Look for the Free Software tab and scroll down to SpaceMonger v1.4.0  Its a zip file, but the actual program requires no install.  You just run it, select Open, then select the drive you want to look at.  Be careful deleting things!





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