vStorage Storage for Cloud OS

1 09 2009

Storage Integrations for Cloud OS

VSphere can now handle 300,000 IOPS.
Can handle 3X the web traffic of ebay with one host.
Storage is key to encapsulating vms. Everything about the vm is stored in a few files.
Storage vmotion is now built into the gui and vcenter.
Storage vm creates a new folder, and creates a new file, then creates a changed block tracking bitmap, then copies the vmdk, adds the modified bitmap to the target and makes it active.
Linked clones let’s you use one copy of a vm and use it with multiple vms that can add changes to each vm to make them unique.
Disk options– VMFS, RDM, and NFS.
Things added to vstorage–thin provisioning, fcoe, vmfs volume grow, paravirtualized scsi adapter, enhanced storage vmotion, better management visibility, vstorage apis.
Vstorage apis add multipathing, array based storage vmotions, provisioning from a template, snapshots integration right on the san.
In the future, they will be able to pause a vm when it runs out of space, can accelerate lock intensive operations.
In order to get all these into the external cloud, is being able to integrate all these storage things to send it all external.




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