VMWorld 2009: VMWare FT Session nodes

1 09 2009

1. Zero downtime if a host drops.
2. Transparent to applications and os.
3. Basic concepts of FT…zero downtime when a host is lost, it will create another duplicate on a third host when the first goes down.
4. Virtual lockstep– all input is recorded and replayed to mirrored instance it is replayed via FT logging.
5. Hardware and software req’s. Latest processors, shared disk needed, hosts must be patched to same level, must be in HA cluster, minimum of 2 nics for ft logging nics. Only one processor (vcpu).
6. You can use the vmware site survey tool to check compliance for FT. You can also use profile compliance on vcenter.
7. HV must be enabled in bios on host.
8. Cannot help with mutiple host outages.
9. Best practices…(avg disk reads bw+avg network input) x 1.2 to get approximate lgging traffic needed. Isolate your traffic for logging. Keep the cpus within 400mhz between hosts. Max of four FT vms per host! Mix and match primary and secondary across hosts. Less than 1ms network latency.




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