VMWare Data Recovery Manager: Not quite ready for production

22 07 2009

Here is my quick take on data recovery manager for VMWare.



1.  Deduplication and compression

2.  Runs in a vm, easy to deploy.

3.  Backup window easy to configure…pick a block of time and it runs the backups within the window.



1.  No tape option or duplicate backup set option.  I realize this is difficult within a vm, but with no offsite option, backup scenarios are limited.

2.  There have been some bug fixes and they were some major glaring ones.  For instance, not deleting old snapshots with 1.00  I’m glad they fixed that issue, but what else is going to show up as more people use it?  It seems to need a few more revisions before I could trust it.

3.  Faulty backup sets…there were quite a few times when the recovery manager would deem a certain backup unfit to be restored from.  Why?  How do I fix it?




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