Data Domain is now owned by EMC

22 07 2009

Well it’s official folks, EMC owns Data Domain.  As you may know, EMC also owns VMWare.  I am ready for a completely deduped datacenter, all the way from production data to backup.  Who is with me?  The following letter was sent by the CEO’s of EMC/Data Domain…

Dear Data Domain Customers,
Today, with a majority of Data Domain’s shares owned by EMC, we are pleased to
announce that Data Domain and EMC have officially joined forces and become one company.  We are excited about the opportunities to accelerate our leadership in the fast-growing next-generation disk-based backup, recovery and archive markets.
Our companies already share many customers and business partners, and we intend to enhance and expand these essential relationships.  As a result of our business combination, our customers and partners will now have access to an extraordinary portfolio of storage products and services.
Deduplication technology is fundamentally altering the way our industry stores, protects and archives data.  It has ushered in new economics to long-running storage processes such as backup and disaster recovery. This powerful technology is permeating the entire storage infrastructure in various forms and approaches.  Both source-based and target-based deduplication approaches will feature prominently in our strategy, and in combination with virtual and physical tape automation architectures.
We are dedicated to maintaining and increasing the quality of innovation, support, and service that you have come to expect from our companies.  Together, we will continue to focus on cost reduction, power and space efficiency, and simplicity.  For our respective partners, you can expect to see increased market opportunities through an expanded set of solutions, programs and services.
Both EMC and Data Domain are very grateful to our partners and customers who have already chosen our companies for their storage needs, and we greatly appreciate the partnership. As we proceed with our integration in earnest, we expect many questions. Please refer to the
FAQ document, and we look forward to keeping you updated on our progress.
Frank and Joe
Frank Slootman, President and CEO, Data Domain
Joe Tucci, Chairman, President and CEO, EMC




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