vSphere upgrade part 4, step-by-step

26 05 2009

The following notes are from a series of vSphere update videos made available by vmware. These notes should help you upgrade your infrastructure step-by-step.


Licensing: Implementing vSphere licensing

1. Login to your vi client, now go to licensing on the home page.

2. Click Manage vSphere Licenses on the top right.

3. Now copy and paste your license keys out of your license portal into the window that comes up, and then select add license keys. You should now see the details of each key at the bottom.

4. After clicking next, its time to assign the keys to hosts. Select your hosts to assign then select a license. Review your selections, and hit finish.

5. You can see the licensing for each host, by selecting a host, and going to the cofiguration tab. You can also edit the settings from this view.

6. That’s it! Your infrastructure should now be fully operational on the new licenses! Congratulations! If you have completed all four parts, it’s time to kick back for a little bit and sip on a cold one…..:)




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24 08 2013

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