vSphere upgrade part 3, step-by-step

26 05 2009

The following notes are from a series of vSphere update videos made available by vmware. These notes should help you upgrade your infrastructure step-by-step.


Part 3: Upgrading VM tools and hardware

1. Upgrade vmware tools first, then the hardware.

2. There will be downtime for the vm during this process. One reboot for tools, one reboot for hardware.

3. Once you upgrade the tools and hardware, you can only use vSphere 4 to manage the vms.

4. Go to update manager, then go to upgrade baselines, then click the vms/VAs button.

5. There are two baselines here that cant be changed, that you will use to remediate your guests. VM Hardware Upgrade to Match Host, and VMware Tools Upgrade to Match Host.

6. Go to your inventory, and lets remediate (inventory, then vms and templates). Select a vm, then go to the update manager, right click in the window, and attach the tools and hardware baselines.

7. Scan the guest by selecting scan , then uncheck patchs, and check VM Hardware upgrades and VMWare tools upgrades. Click Scan.

8. If you like, you can now create a folder to group your vms, and attach a vm baseline to the folder, much like step 6.

9. Now lets remediate for vmware tools. Click remediate on the guests in upgrade manager, and make sure to upgrade tools first.

10. Now its time to remediate for hardware. Click remediate, select hardware, and the guests you want to upgrade. During the remediation, the guests will be shut down.

11. If you want very granular manual control, you can right click on an individual guest vm, and select install/upgrade vmware tools. Make sure to snapshot first!

12. After the guest upgrade the tools, you can shut it down, right click on it, and select upgrade virtual hardware. Keep in mind, steps 11 and 12 are just a different manual way to do it, if you dont want to use update manager.

13. Get all your vm guests upgraded, first tools, then hardware. This ends part 3!




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