SSD Drives Compared

19 05 2009

Excellent article here from Tech Report, benchmarking several SSD drives…

These drives are really coming around to being very reasonable, especially as an upgrade to an existing system. If you already have at least a dual-core of some variety, one of these dropped in would really be a sweet upgrade. The Intel X-25M is selling for about 315 bucks on newegg right now, which gives you 80 GB of screaming fast storage. Thats a good size for a primary drive, and large enough to install most if not all of your games. You can edit video and other things on your large secondary drive. Price per gig for that Intel, that’s about 4 dollars. Compare that to a lower capacity, say OCZ Vertex 30GB, at 5 dollars per gig, and that price doesnt seem too bad. And the price will just go down! Hurray!




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