VMware vSphere Upgrade Path

21 04 2009

Earlier today, the CEO of VMWare revealed a good deal of information regarding the new version of vmware infrastructure, now called vSphere. Want to know how to upgrade? Check this page for details….http://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere/upgrade-center/upgrade.html

I watched the upgrade videos, and it seems reasonable. You can upgrade your cluster and hosts without rebooting. You basically vmotion everything off the host (put it in maintenance mode), run the upgrade, and vmotion it back. Running the upgrade will take about 25-30 minutes per host. Unfortunately, the upgrade of vmware tools and vmware hardware on the guests each require a reboot! 2 reboots per guest, so time to schedule some downtime. They have changed the licensing to a keycode instead of a license file, which is nice. I didnt see a release date on the website, but it says you can start getting upgrade licenses on May 21st, so hopefully it will be soon.

P.S. Whoever created the videos needs some lessons in video editing and audio sync.




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