Spam Filtering NOT per mailbox

21 04 2009

We have been very happy with our Barracuda Spam Firewall 300 for the past 3 years or so. It has provided excellent filtering and no per-mailbox fees. You buy the box, it filters as much email as you can throw at it. Great!! The catch comes when you want to do any kind of redundancy. There are larger models that offer things such as RAID or dual power supplies, but to do true redundancy, you have to “cluster” a couple of boxes, which of course doubles your price.

What I really want is a vmware capable virtual appliance that can filter my email, that has a web front end like Barracuda, but is in a vm, so I can eliminate more single points of failure. And I dont want to pay per mailbox. There is one that seems to be getting a lot traction called SpamTitan, but it is per mailbox. Sigh. We have about 5000 mailboxes (many of them VERY light use). Per mailbox is just not going to cut it budget-wise. Help!




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